A Good Idea

Part of me is still suspicious that she did it on purpose; that she begged for us to see that action movie because she knew how intense it would be. And how hyper and intense I would be afterward.
She laid back on the bed as soon as we got home. Knowing that I would crawl on top of her and I was talking endlessly and excitedly about the film. Asking questions that she couldn’t answer fast enough. And I looked down at her laughing me.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing.” She laughed. “You’re just very intense right now. You’re kind of scaring me.” She said and then she giggled.
I found that quite humorous.
“I bet strapon sex would be great!” She said.
“Right now?” I asked. I thought she might have still been sore from last night.
“Yes. Do you want to?”
I laughed. “Of course I do. But we have to get you into something sexier first.” I unbuttoned her jeans, and practically ripped them off of her. Helping her quickly get out of her boy clothes and slip into her newest outfit.
A slutty bunny costume composed of a short black dress with an cute little bunny tail, bunny ears, white wrist cuffs, and lacy white stockings.
Once dressed, she turned over onto her hands and knees presenting me with her ass. I got behind her and lifted her up toward me. With my arms securely around her chest, and my breasts pressed to her back, she could feel my strapon against her cute little ass and I could whisper in her ear. “Are you ready babygirl?”
She was shivering in anticipation. “Yes Daddy. I’m ready. Oh, please fuck me now!”
“Hmm, you horny little bitch.” I shoved her back down on her hands and lubed up my fingers. I pushed one finger into her, then two. I didn’t draw out her fingering the way I usually would. And she was ready enough. I took her hips in my hands and entered her. Watching my cock sink into her freshly shaved ass.
She moaned loudly.
“You like when I fuck your little pussy babygirl?”
“Ooh, yes Daddy. I love it. Make me your bitch.” She was reaching between her legs playing with her excited little clitty but after she said that, my lust grew.
I thrusted into her with vigor and she lost her balance. She let herself fall forward so her face was pressed to the mattress below and her ass was pushed higher in the air. She moaned as I pushed into her deeper in the more vulnerable position.
I let myself pound into her, channeling all my intensity into fucking her. And she squealed and moaned only making me more excited.
“Oh, God!” She cried as my thrusts grew faster and faster. “Yes! Oh, this was a good idea.”
I smiled what probably looked like a somewhat predatory smile. “Hmmm, I agree. Now hold still.”
I adjusted her position and continued fucking her. Each thrust rubbing against me rhythmically and building me toward a strong orgasm. I shuddered as I came, leaning over her and panting.
“C-can we do another round Daddy? I didn’t cum yet.”
“Hmmm yes.” I said, my cock was still buried deeply inside her and I slowly began to fuck her again.
I leaned forward and gripped a handful of her hair in my hand. And I leaned forward to speak in her ear.
“Hmm, that’s my good girl. You like that?”
“Oh, yes Daddy.”
I was close to coming again already and she knew it. “Are you about to cum Daddy?”
“Hmm, yes.”
“Can I cum with you?”
“yes, babygirl.” I lifted her dress and ran my nails over her bare flesh making marks on her back. “Cum for me you naughty little bunny.”
I came a split second after she did and we both collapsed onto the bed.
Babygirl took a few moments to catch her breath before turning to me.
“Do you feel better now Daddy?”
I laughed and pulled her into me. “Yes, I sure do babygirl. That was a good idea”

–Miss Ari^_^


First Time pt.1 (From Babygirls perspective)

I lick my lips as I see my daddy fastening her strapon and as she looks back at me she winks and wiggles it around. I giggle a little as she stands up, and then lick my lips as I see her look at me lustily in my slutty red lingerie. My lips, painted bright red, hover near her cock as I stare at her cock hungrily, waiting for her to order me to suck her off.
My cheeks redden a bit as I hear her say, “Alright, why don’t you give it a little kiss?”
Immediately I lean forward and kiss the head of her cock passionately which leaves a nice red kiss mark as I lean away which we both giggle at.
I then look up at her and smile as I hear her say in a teasing manner, “Now, show me what you can do with your tongue.” I smile and reply “hmm yes Daddy, I’ll do my best to please”
I then lean my head down and wrap my lips around the head of her cock and swirling her head and underside of her cock with my tongue. Feeling a bit more bold and slutty I then open up my lips and start to them down her cock, taking as much of her cock in my mouth as I could. However I was only about three quarters of the way down on her cock before the overwhelming need to breathe took over and I backed up gasping for breath as a string of saliva hanging from my lips connects to her cock. I then wrap my lips around her cock again and enthusiastically begin to bob my head up and down her cock.
I hear her call me a good girl as I give her a nice, wet and sloppy blowjob and I feel a wave of warmth and happiness overcome me as I look up at her with her cock still in my mouth. I then rose up higher on my knees and tried to take all of her cock into my mouth but was only able to get about three quarters in my mouth again before gagging and pulling back.
I then feel her hands grab the sides of my head and I blush as I hear her say. “Let me help you with that Babygirl.” I open up my lips as I feel her sliding her cock between my lips, loving the feeling of being controlled as she is the one who is control of how much of her cock goes into my mouth. At first she goes gentle on me but then she starts going faster and faster, and my cheeks puff up and reddened as I feel like a dirty slut as she mouth fucks me. But before long I was running out of air and I had to take my mouth off her cock once again to gasp for air. However I soon open up my mouth again obediently waiting for my daddy to continue to face fuck me.
She tells me to lie on my back and I eagerly settle down on the bed as she kneels over my face. Her cock hovers only a few inches above my lips as I eagerly open my lips up again. She then plunges her cock in my eager mouth and I feel like such a good girl as she face fucks me in that position for a bit. As I can’t help but wait for the moment when my daddy’s cock penetrates me and I fully become her slave.

–Babygirl ❤

Shower times part 2

She turned from me and placed her hands against the shower wall pushing her ass out towards me. I smiled and squeezed with both hands. Babygirl moaned and wiggled.

I put soap on the fingers of my right hand and slid them between her cheeks, massaging slowly and teasingly.

I leaned close to her ear. “You want my fingers inside you, babygirl?”

“Ooh, yes Daddy. Please.”

I didn’t make her wait any longer. I slid one finger into her tight hole and let it sink in as far as I could.

“Hmmmm, thank you Daddy.” She moaned and she reached down to play with herself. I knew her little clitty would already be so hard for me. And she would be ready to come but trying not to just yet. She’d want to make the moment last and relish in the feeling of being fingered.

I worked my finger in and out of her for a few more moments before I added a second one and pushed them both in deep.

“Ooh, that feels good Daddy.” She moaned.

“I know it does babygirl. You’re my horny little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“You like to feel my fingers sliding into you?”

“Ooh, Yes.”

“Good girl.” My long slow strokes turned to faster ones and I moved as close as I could pressing my body into hers. My wet skin caressed hers and I rubbed my breasts against her back.

My babygirl trembled and began to sway. My other arm reached around her to hold her up and my hand reached to play with her nipple, making it hard and erect.

“Oh! Daddy can I come please?”

“Yes babygirl. Come for me.”

She moaned deeply and I felt the muscles in her back tighten as she came. She tilted her head back to lean on my shoulder and I held her against me kissing her neck softly.

When she stood up straight again, I told her to turn around so that I could wash her hair. She kept her eyes closed as I lathered the shampoo over her hair and massaged her scalp.

“I love you, Daddy.” She whispered.

“I love you too, Sweetie.”

–Miss Ari ^_^

Shower Times part 1

When I took babygirl by the hand and pulled her out of bed telling her to come take a shower with me, I knew it wouldn’t just be a shower. I knew that washing her body and touching her everywhere would have an effect on me. As would hearing her moan at my touch and seeing that lustful expression on her face. I washed her hair slowly and massages her scalp watching her eyes close and her breathing slow.

I handed her the cloth to wash me in turn. She touched me gently making sure to get every inch of my skin clean. Then I put a bit of soap on her fingertips and moved her hand between my legs so that she could wash me there as well.

I moaned as she began to move her fingers knowing just how to please me. It wasn’t long before I was panting, I turned us to press my back against the wall and she followed me leaning down as I pulled her into a long kiss. She slipped her fingers into me and I moaned deeper. I loved the feel of her thrashing her fingers inside me; I love how eager she is to please me and make me come. I broke the kiss as I felt heat rise within me. A brief moment of eye contact was all I could manage before I leaned my head back, she came forward nuzzling her face underneath mine and she began to kiss my neck. The sensation sent me over the edge. I wrapped my arms around her and shuttered as I came hard on her fingers.

“Was that good Daddy?” She asked as I caught my breath.

“Hmmm, yes babygirl. That was so good. Lick your fingers.”

She took her fingers and put them into her mouth, sucking greedily on them and moaning at the taste.

“That’s my good girl.” I reached out and started to slowly stroke her little clitty, which was so hard  for me. “Not turn around.” I commanded.

**To be Continued**

–Miss Ari ^_^

Molly the Maid

Molly was shaved and all made up for me; in her white thigh high stockings, her pink corset, and a pair of pink panties, waiting for further instruction. After a month of measurements, plans, and trips to fabric stores; after 200 tiny silver pins and hours of cutting and sewing, it was finally ready. I slid open the closet door and reached for the hanger, pulling it out slowly to reveal the black and white french maids dress I made by hand. I was particularly proud of the white ruffles I fashioned at the end of the black skirt, which swayed happily as I removed the dress from the hanger. I held it open and out to her and Molly stepped into the dress carefully.

I instructed her to turn around and I pulled it up and arranged the shoulder straps in place. I picked up the white apron that I made to go with it, and tied it in a dainty bow behind her back. “There.” I said. “Turn around and let me see.”

She spun slowly around for me to see every angle of the dress until she was facing me again. I smiled and pointed her to the mirror, coming to stand beside her. “I think I’ll change the top part of the apron to white instead of black and of course it needs more decorative bows and perhaps a few buttons as well. But what do you think?”

“I think you did a really good job. Thank you, Daddy.” She said sounding happy.

“You’re very welcome babygirl.” I stepped back to look at her again.

She took the skirt in her hands and picked it up, playing with it. “I think… that perhaps a sluttier dress would be a bit shorter.”

I smiled. “It would. And I can have it at this length when I want, and if we want it shorter, I can easily shorten it.  Maybe I’ll do that for next time so that we can see how that looks as well.”

“Okay.” She said with a smile.

I turned her toward me and kissed her lips softly; not wanting to mess up her lipstick… well, at least not yet.

“Now this is not just a dress, babygirl. This is also a uniform. And when you are wearing this uniform, you are my maid.”

She vigorously nodded her understanding.

“And I’ll teach you more about that later.” I stepped back and settled into a sitting position on the bed. “Now come lay over my lap.”

She simply nodded and complied, but I could tell how excited she was at the command. It had been a while since I put her over my lap to spank her. And I knew that it would have felt like an eternity to her.

I took a moment to just take in the sight before me and I ran my hands over her sticking covered legs, her and, and her back. The outfit really did look good on her and it looked absolutely darling having her over my lap like that.

I pushed my hand underneath her skirt and squeezed her ass listening to her moan.

I liked seeing her pink panties covering her bottom underneath all the black and white fabric, so I decided to leave them up as I spanked her. And that just meant I would have to hit a little harder.

She thanked me for every spank and I made sure to give her a lot to say.

“Are you my good little maid babygirl?” I reached over and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back to make sure I heard her response clearly.

She moaned at my hold. “Yes, Daddy. I am.”

My hand came down hard on her left cheek. “Thank you Daddy.”

“Will you make sure you obey me and do as I say?”

“Yes Daddy. Hmm, thank you Daddy.”

“Will you work to please me?”

“Yes, thank you Daddy.”

I rubbed her heated skin before I gave her one last slap. “And will you sick my cock?”

“Thank you. Yes Daddy.”

I gave her a little nudge. “Get on your knees.”

She slid off of my lap and got onto her knees in front of me. Watching with lust in her eyes as I unzipped my jeans and pulled the strap-on out.

–Miss Ari ^_^

Molly Dolly pt. 2

With an excited little hop in her step, she went over to the bed and crawled to the center getting onto her hands and knees. I loved how pretty she made herself for me. The corset made her waist look smaller giving her the delicious hour glass shape of a full figured woman and I smiled at the thought of one day, finding the right breast forms to suit that body type. Her blue dress clung to get every curve down to her pretty stocking covered thighs.

I slipped into the strap-on and reached out to grab her hips, sliding her closer to the edge of the bed. I pressed against her so that she could feel the firm jelly dong sliding against her cheeks. And she pushed back excitedly.

“Are you ready babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m ready.” She said in that girly voice she’d been working on. It was still coming along but it already made me so excited.

“For what?”

“I’m ready for you to fuck me with your big cock Daddy.” She moaned.

And I was happy to do just that. I pulled down her panties and slid the purple plug out of her, quickly replacing it with the tip of my cock. I pressed lightly watching her wiggle then I leaned forward entering her and hearing her moan deeply. I pushed into her a little more then pulled out a little before pushing slowly back in. I only went slowly for a little while longer.

This new cock was bigger than the last. It was longer and thicker and I found that it could even rub me quite nicely. I pushed her dress up farther and gave her ass a nice slap. I reached for the edges of the corset that peaked out from underneath the dress. Gripping it as leverage I began to pound into her harder and harder, creating a steady pace. I was grinding against her and loving the way the base of the dildo rubbed and bumped against my clit. I was already so excited and this was driving me crazy.

Molly arched her back. “Oh my God. Yes Daddy. Fuck me. Oooh, make me your bitch!”

“Damn you’re such a horny little slut, aren’t you? I’ll make you my bitch babygirl. But you’ll have to take my cock as hard as I want. Can you do that for me?”

“Ooh, yes Daddy.”

I pushed in and out of her faster. And she moaned with every thrust.

I guided her down to lay flat on the bed and leaned over her without missing a thrust. My breast pressed to her back. “Oh, babygirl, I think I’m going to come.”

I didn’t quite hear what she said to that. I moaned deeply and tried not to lean on her too much as I shook with orgasm.

I took a moment to catch my breath and leaned down to kiss her back softly before finally taking her hips in my hands and guiding her back to her knees.

This night had already turned out to be so much fun and we weren’t even done yet.

Molly Dolly

I held two of the silky pink ribbons between my teeth as I tightened two more with my hands. The corset cinched until Molly’s waist began to cinch as well. I gave the strings a few more tugs before tying them in a nice little bow.

“There.” I said. “Now turn around.” She turned around and I made sure it was straight before picking up the bra. It wasn’t the purple bra that I usually put on her. This time it was the black one that I took off of myself and fastened behind her. With her pink panties and stockings she already looked so pretty.

I smiled to myself thinking of how much prettier she was about to make herself for me. I directed her to a chair sitting in front of my mirror. “Your toys for today are in that tip drawer there.” I said with a gesture.

She opened up the drawer and took a look at the various compacts, brushes, and lipsticks inside. I’ve been telling her go a while now that I want to teach her how to do her own makeup. She smiled.

“Go on.” I said. “What do you think you should do first?”

I instructed her in how to apply her own blush. Eye shadow and mascara were more difficult for her. But she did fantastic with a dark red lipstick and a bit of pink gloss over it.

The whole thing got me so much more turned on than I imagined it would and I just couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I was rubbing her thigh when she finished.

“How did I do?”

“You look beautiful.” I said grinning.

After taking a few pictures of her like that I forested her to the closet with three dresses for her to choose.

I smiled when she picked up the tight blue one. I helped her into it, delighting in the way isn’t clung to her figure and matched her stockings.

But she couldn’t take the anticipation anymore. “C-can you fuck me now Daddy?”

“Hmm, of course I will, Molly.” I smiled and touched her hair. “It’s about time I tries out my new cock on you.”

She giggles and I leaned down to kiss her deeply. Her moans made me shiver as I backed away. “Now go get on the bed.”

*To Be Continued*


–Miss Ari ^_^


I thrusted my strap-on into her again and listened to that lovely gasp that she gave. But I knew her well enough to know that she was trying to tell me something. I leaned over her and brought our faces side by side.

“What is it, babygirl?”

“I-I think I came, Daddy.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You did, did you?”

She nodded.

“I don’t remember telling you that you could come.”

She gasped slightly as she realized what she’d done. “I’m so sorry Daddy.”

I pulled away from her and touched her back lightly. “It’s alright babygirl. I know you wouldn’t disobey me on purpose.” I said softly.

I reached out to her shoulder and pulled her into a sitting position like I was so that we were once again cheek to cheek. “But you realize you will have to be punished, Don’t you babygirl.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She said. She again sounded disappointed in herself, in herself control. And I knew that on some level, she wanted that punishment as much as I was willing to give it to her. The only question was how? It could of course, be any way that I wished. I knew she would happily submit to anything I suggested and that made me smile. I decided that this time would be something new.

“Alright then.” I stood from the bed. “Get on your back.”

She complied positioning herself on the bed like I instructed as I slipped out of the strap on and dug through my toy bag. I pulled out a paddle that had not gotten very much use. It was thin. the paddle was only a nit larger than the handle. But for what I had planned, it was perfect.

“Scoot down a little.” I said coming back to the bed.

She slid down giving me more room near the headboard and I got on my knees behind her head.

She craned her neck trying to see what I had in my hand but I kept it out of her sight. “Are you ready?”

She nodded her head and I crawled forward. With a knee on either side of her face, I placed us in a 69 position. I didn’t have to tell her to start licking me. She reached out with her tongue as soon as she was able. I let her do that for a while before I raised the paddle. I had perfect access to her smooth thighs and that’s where I chose to focus. As the first blow came down she jumped in surprise. A sadistic smile crept across my face as began to grind my pussy onto her face telling her to keep licking me. And that she did. She began to lick me with more enthusiasm and I moaned. but didn’t hesitate raising the paddle again and bringing it down on her other thigh. The increasing pain from the paddle was distracting to her and each time she would stop licking me, I would rub myself on her in reminder.

But it was about swat 32 when I began to loose count. I think she figured out that the pleasure she could give me would in turn distract me from my task. She started to focus on my clit, sucking it and licking it with fervor. Her hands gripped my hips pulling me closer to her lashing tongue. I nearly cried out as a delicious heat began to spread through to my core.

I let the paddle come down one last time on her left thigh and watched her muscles tighten once again in response to the pain but she didn’t stop licking this time.

“Oh–Oh my God, babygirl. I’m gonna come!”

The paddle fell from my hand onto the floor as I writhed in pleasure. I came all over her face and when I couldn’t take anymore, I rolled off to the side. Laying beside her I tried to catch my breath and I could hear her doing the same. After a few moments, I sat up  and turned around to lay next to her wrapping my arms around her waist. She turned toward me, wrapping her arms tightly around me as well and snuggling up to me.

She quietly mumbled how sleepy she was and I smiled and ran my fingers through her hair. “Goodnight babygirl.”

“I love you Daddy.”

I kissed her forehead. “I love you too.”

–Miss Ari ^_^

Tease Fiction: All Tied Up

Your hands are tied tightly behind your back by a woven method that also restricts your elbows. You move your shoulders but the restraints aren’t going anywhere. And it makes your heart beat faster. You’re thinking that you don’t want to be out of those ropes as you watch me secure the last frog tie rendering both of your legs completely useless to you.
I let you watch me slip my half of the double dildo inside myself before I flip you over onto your stomach. I grab your hips and raise them up a little to get better access to your little sissy pussy because you can’t do it for yourself.
I lean over you, pressing my body to yours. You can feel my breasts pressing against your back. you can feel my teeth on your ear, my breath on your cheek and you can hear my voice as I whisper to you,
“Now I’m going to fuck you hard until I come. And I won’t stop until I’m completely satisfied. Do you understand Molly?”
Your inhale is shaky and your response is closer to a moan. “Yes, Daddy.”

‘To Be Continued in the Bedroom’ 😉

–Miss Ari ^_^